Friday, November 13, 2009

When is the best time to move a rhododendron?

Its about two years old and is too close to a fence i need to move it and need to know when is best.

When is the best time to move a rhododendron?
I suggest the autumn - Wait unti the plant is dormant, the ground is wetter and the air cooler. It will give the roots a better chance to re-establish before the growth period again in spring.
Reply:the best time to transplant any plants is abt october and feb any time before the sap starts flowing and after it stops. Report It

Reply:Half 8.
Reply:Wait until it is dorment during the winter months. Make sure you put plenty of peat into the hole when you replant.
Reply:late Autumn or during the winter, when there is plenty moister in the soil and the plant is semi dormant.
Reply:When the moon is in it's 3rd quarter and the tide is ebbing. Or after its flowered.
Reply:After it has flowered I think.
Reply:You can move it anytime after it's flowered. However, so you won't have to contend with the heat and drought of summer, wait until the fall. If you do move it during the summer, be extra dilligent with watering.
Reply:they are very hardy plants, wait until after the blooming is done. Usually the end of june in the northeast.
Reply:Rhododendrons are as tough as old boots.

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